Makeup Tips for Mature Women

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  • Use a lighter application of foundation, so that the foundation does not seep into the cracks and fine lines in the face.
  • Do not apply cover up over tiny lines, like crows feet, because it tends to stay in the lines and accentuate them.
  • More highlighter should be applied than contour to help lighten and lift and older woman’s face.
  • Powders will accentuate wrinkles.  Apply powder sparingly only to the areas that need it.
  • When your make-up application is completed and the skin has a dry powdery look to it, spray lightly with tonic water or press a damp cloth over the face to help remove any excess powder.
  • Pearlized/shimmery eye colors will accentuate wrinkles – avoid these.
  • Browns and plums will accentuate dark circles under the eyes.
  • Since eyelashes become sparse as women age, eyeliner becomes a necessity.  Apply it in tiny, oblique strokes in between the upper lashes to make them appear fuller.
  • Apply a lighter color eyeliner and mascara to the bottom lashes to help lift the eye upwards.
  • When eyelids begin to droop and excess skin hangs over the eyes, apply contour to this skin to help lift the eyes.
  • When a woman has puffiness under her eye, do not apply highlighter to this area.  Highlight only the dark circle.  If the puffiness is extreme, contour may be placed directly on top of it.
  • Eyebrow color should be one shade darker than the hair.
  • To prevent lipstick from bleeding, apply lipliner and powder over the lips before applying lipstick.
  • Orangey shads of lipstick will accentuate yellow teeth.
  • As a woman ages, her skin tone tends to become dull.  Choose colors that are bright, not shocking, to liven up the face.
  • If a woman has gray hair, a foundation with a pink cast will give her more color to her face.
  • One of the biggest mistakes a woman makes as they age is they apply more make-up to hide the flaws, which accentuates them.  Always keep in mind that simple make-up is usually the best.